“Let’s come together to invest in a better quality of life for all Oaklanders by voting YES on Measures KK, A1, RR, JJ, and C1 this November.”

“Let’s come together to invest in a better quality of life for all Oaklanders by voting YES on Measures KK, A1, RR, JJ, and C1 this November.”


Transportation and housing fuel our economy. The symptoms of their scarcity are unfortunately familiar: too few affordable housing opportunities for middle-class and low-income families and too few options on public transportation.

That’s why I am supporting Measure KK, Measure A1, Measure RR, Measure JJ, and Measure C1 to invest in Oakland’s infrastructure, affordable housing, and public transportation. These five important measures allow us to invest in Oakland.

We can’t wait to invest in our affordable housing, infrastructure, and public transportation. Please join me in voting YES on KK, A1, RR, JJ, and C1 this November!

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Yes on Measure KK

Measure KK, Oakland’s infrastructure and affordable housing bond will fix streets and fight displacement.

Measure KK is a $600 million general obligation bond to invest in Oakland's infrastructure and affordable housing. KK funds will be used to fix streets, fight displacement, fix our parks, libraries and public safety facilities all while being managed responsibly and openly.

Measure KK will invest $100 million to protect families from being displaced from their homes and increase affordable housing in Oakland.

Today, average Oaklanders are spending hundreds of dollars every year on flat tires and car repairs as a result of potholes and bad roads. Measure KK will invest in fixing our crumbling infrastructure so it’s safer and easier to drive, walk, and bike around our beautiful city. The measure will improve quality of life citywide by re-paving streets, rebuilding cracked and deteriorating sidewalks, and improving bicycle and pedestrian safety. It will also repair and improve parks, libraries, and public safety facilities.

KK will allow us to invest in neighborhoods throughout Oakland, protect low-income families from being displaced, and improve the infrastructure that makes Oakland a great place to live and raise a family.


Yes on Measure A1

Measure A1, Alameda County’s affordable housing bond, offers a practical, long-term solution.

We are experiencing a housing crisis in Alameda County. Many working families spend more than half their income on housing, and more are being priced out of the area or even onto the street. Experts estimate a shortfall of more than 60,000 affordable homes in the county for low-income families, with at least 5,000 left homeless.

Housing has become too expensive and hard to find, particularly for vulnerable populations like seniors, veterans, low-income families with children and people with disabilities, including those in the workforce whom we count on to deliver essential services.

Measure A1 will provide affordable local housing and prevent displacement of our vulnerable populations, including low and middle-income individuals and families, working households, veterans, seniors, and persons with disabilities. It will provide supportive housing for the homeless and help low and moderate-income households purchase homes and stay in their communities.


Yes on Measure RR

Measure RR, a three county bond measure, is a detailed plan to keep BART safe and reliable.

BART is the backbone of Bay Area transportation. A system that originally carried 100,000 people per week now serves roughly 430,000 riders per day, and ridership is expected to increase 75% by 2040. However, the 44-year-old system is showing its age. It is time to reinvest to keep BART safe and reliable, reduce crowding, keep cars off the road, and protect the environment.

Measure RR, developed with community and expert input, is a detailed plan to keep BART safe and reliable. Funds must be used on specific programs to improve BART’s current infrastructure. Measure RR will keep BART safe and reliable for the entire Bay Area. Measure RR will replace and upgrade deteriorating BART tracks and other aging infrastructure, keep BART safe and prevent accidents, breakdowns, and delays, and improve access for seniors and people with disabilities.

Every dollar from Measure RR will be invested in the BART system, and cannot be taken by the State or Federal government.


Yes on Measure JJ

Measure JJ will protect Oakland renters.

Measure JJ will work to stop skyrocketing rents and illegal evictions. Measure JJ will flip the Rent Control petition system so landlords must petition to increase rent over annual inflation, extend Just Cause eviction protection through 12/31/1995 to protect more Oakland Tenants, and strengthen the accountability and transparency of the Rent Board.

The Committee to Protect Oakland Renters is a broad coalition of organizations and community members who are fighting for the future of Oakland. The Committee includes housing and tenant advocates, labor unions, and other community leaders who recognize that housing displacement and lack of affordable housing has now reached crisis proportions in our City, challenging almost ALL income levels.


Yes on Measure C1

Measure C1 will protect affordable transit without raising taxes.

Measure C1 will protect essential AC Transit bus services in the East Bay without raising taxes.

Measure C1 will protect reasonable fares for those who need it most, including youth, seniors, and people with disabilities, provide transportation options that allow for independence and mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities, support transportation to areas where people work and attend school, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote alternatives to driving, and help maintain bus service reliability and on-time performance.

Measure C1 requires important safeguards to ensure funds are spent responsibly: public financial audits and an oversight committee composed of residents and subject-area experts with authority to review how funds are spent and the ability to hold AC Transit publicly accountable.

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